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Alviarez, Fioretti, Kikkawa and Morlacco, Concentration and Markups in International Trade

PaperDiscussion at Fifth Annual Women in Macro Conference, May 2023.

Aruoba, Oue, Saffie and Willis, Real Rigidities, Firm Dynamics and Monetary Non-Neutrality: Role of Demand Shocks

PaperDiscussion at NCSU Spring Workshop on Macroeconomics, April 2023.

Bianchi, Ottonello and Presno, Fiscal Stimulus under Sovereign Risk

PaperDiscussion at The Credibility of Government Policies Conference in Honor of Guillermo Calvo, February 2023.

Itskhoki and Muhkin, Sanctions and the Exchange Rate

PaperDiscussion at Global Research Forum on International Macroeconomics and Finance, November 2022.

Alfaro, Calani and Varela, Currency Hedging: Managing Cash Flow Exposure

PaperDiscussion at 2022 Annual Bank of Canada Economic Conference, November 2022.

Khan, Senga and Thomas, Default Risk and Aggregate Fluctuations in an Economy with Production Heterogeneity

PaperDiscussion at ISIR session - ASSA Meetings, January 2022.

Casas, Meleshchuk and Timmer, The Dominant Currency of Financial Channel of External Adjustment

PaperDiscussion at 7th International Macro Workshop (BoE, BdF, BI), November 2021.

Auclert, Rognlie, Souchier and Straub, Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents: Sizing Up the Real Income Channel 

PaperDiscussion at the Sixth Annual Conference on International Economics (FRB Dallas, UoH, BdM), October 2021.

González-Torres, Manaresi and Scoccianti, Born in Hard Times: Startup Selection and Intangible Capital during the Financial Crisis
PaperDiscussion at the Barcelona GSE Summer Forum, June 2021.

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